The adventures of Jak and Bil in the Netherlands: The plot of De Nachtegaal mill

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Jak and Bil invite Dinara to visit the Netherlands. Surprisingly, their visit to the museums is cut short by strange phenomena. Then, while wandering on the canals of Amsterdam, and when passing under a bridge, an envelope falls on their boat. Its content reveals secret information about windmills in the country. Before they even take interest, trouble begins. What did they do ? What nightmarish plan will they discover when visiting the Nachtegaal windmill? They get drawn into a thrilling adventure in this country rich in culture and fascinating in its history…

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An international team worked with great enthusiasm on the creation of this comic book

Jacques Ortet


Comic books creator

Julie Ortet


Administrative director and artistic advisor

Carlijn van der Leede


Character and background artist

Marena Oosterbaan


Coloring artist

James Benn


Translator in English

Narkes Orazbayeva


Translator and redactor in Russian

Toon Streppel


Translator in Dutch

Guillaume Ortet


Website manager and soundtrack creator