The adventures of Jak and Bil in Gabon: The ivory secret

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Jak is a globe-trotting photographer. He always travels with his friend Bil, a bird that, surprisingly, can talk. This time they are invited to Gabon to illustrate the country’s biodiversity. Upon their arrival, Bil disappears. Jak immediately goes in search for him and he realizes that he is interfering with a criminal network executing a most gruesome plan. This is the beginning of an epic adventure across the equatorial forest and the savanna. An eventful race with surprises, humor and an introduction to the local culture of a marvelous country…

#Africa #Libreville #Port-Gentil #biodiversity #environment #ivory #savannah #conspiracy #pursuit #wildlife #nature #stock #culture #animals #flora #adventure #lagoon


All comics, in French version, are available in Hachette bookstores in all French-speaking countries (about 10,000).

In addition, they are also available in French, English and Dutch on Amazon.

An international team worked with great enthusiasm on the creation of this comic book

Jacques Ortet


Comic books creator

Julie Ortet


Administrative director and artistic advisor

Arnold Berssenbrugge


Character artist

James Benn


Translator in English

Narkes Orazbayeva


Translator and redactor in Russian

Toon Streppel


Translator in Dutch

Guillaume Ortet


Website manager and soundtrack creator

Robert van Luijk


Background artist