Dennis Faase / Vertaler in het Nederlands


  1. De avonturen van Jak en Bil in Kazachstan: De schat van Dzjengis Khan

“Hello, my name is Dennis. Together with Toon Streppel I translated several of the Jak et Bil books into Dutch. Jacques Ortet is actually my father, so this project is extra special to me. Already as a kid, Jacques would sit me on his lap and tell me fantastic stories about “Doenas”, a little boy my age. Little did I realize these stories were based on myself. Much less that they were made up on the spot!  Now I have the honor to work on the other side of the story. And I hope to one day publish a book of my own.Jak et Bil take us on a journey across the world. Their adventures are full of mystery and excitement, and keep you hooked until the final page. At the same time, in a gentle way, these stories open up new perspectives. What I like most about Jak et Bil is how we learn about other histories and cultures, always with a sense of mutual respect and curiosity. But there’s also plenty to laugh along the way. Who can’t relate to Bil?”