Marena Oosterbaan / Coloring artist

Comic books:

  1. The adventures of Jak and Bil in the Middle East: The H2O-tomobile enigma
  2. The adventures of Jak and Bil in the Netherlands: The plot of De Nachtegaal mill

“Hello! My name is Marena and I am currently living in Breda. I came here to study Illustration and Animation at St. Joost school of arts. My favorite part about studying at St. Joost was experimenting in the big workplaces where you could use every machine and equipment you can imagine. I love working with analogue materials such as ink and watercolor. During my studies I started my own illustration company named Arteficion.I do a variety of projects of which working on the comic Jak and Bil is now one! The team behind Jak and Bil is truly lovely and I get to work with very creative and kind people. As for the comic: Jak, Bil and me have in common that we love learning about different cultures and countries and we love to eat good food! Therefore I quickly felt connected to them and the other characters in the books. I do my very best to put color on their faces so they are ready to go on their next adventure.”