Arnold Berssenbrugge / Karakter artiest


  1. De avonturen van Jak en Bil in Kazachstan: De schat van Dzjengis Khan
  2. De avonturen van Jak en Bil in Gabon: Het geheim van het ivoor

“I am an animator and illustrator from the Netherlands and graduated with a degree in 2D animation from the University of the arts in Utrecht. I am always drawing characters that are interesting to me and enjoy drawing and bringing characters to life. I’m currently working in the film and tv industry as a 2D animator. Comics have always been a big fascination for me, so I was very interested when Jacques approached me to work on the project. I worked on the first two volumes, and I have always had the most fun drawing Jak and Bil’s humorous and informative interactions. Following along with their journey taught me a lot about the countries they visited, and their stories never failed to inspire.”