Carlijn van der Leede / Artiste de personnage, artiste de fond, coordinatrice illustrateurs

BDs :

  1. Les aventures de Jak et Bil au Moyen-Orient : L’énigme de l’eau-tomobile
  2. Les aventures de Jak et Bil aux Pays-Bas : L’intrigue du moulin De Nachtegaal

“My whole life I have been interested in art and illustration. I started art school at 9 years old and after finishing high school I went to the St. Joost School of Art & Design. In 2020 I graduated as a visual storyteller. I love to help writers and entrepreneurs visualize their stories and to contribute to socially engaged projects. That’s why I started my own company after graduating and I have had the opportunity to work on amazing projects. I designed for example the game ‘Archidome’ that helps children get rid of back problems throughout an existing space journey. I also had the opportunity to design many book covers to help talented writers and entrepreneurs reach their target audience.When I met Jacques and Julie in 2022 I was immediately excited about their comic books. The stories are both fun and also educative about different cultures and energy transition. Besides the stories being very interesting Jacques and Julie are also amazing people to work with. They are very kind, fun and organized. It is great to see how they have built their publishing company as a family and I enjoy being a part of their team. I joined Jak & Bil at book 4 about the Middle East. The characters are fun to work with and the drawing process goes very well thanks to all the useful sketches, reference images and comments Jacques and Julie provide. Starting this year, they gave me the opportunity to become their leading artist and to find two new illustrators: Gina and Marena. They are very talented illustrators and it is a pleasure to work with them. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work on these comic books and guide our illustration team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Jak & Bil and hope to be a part of this team for a long time.”