Assiya Morris / Artiste de personnage

BD :

  1. Les aventures de Jak et Bil au Kazakhstan : Le trésor de Gengis Khan

Assiya is from Astana, Kazakhstan. In 2012, she moved to the USA where she graduated from the Academy of Art and received a Master’s Diploma. Assia currently resides in Kentucky USA where she works at The Gate City Arts Guild where she teaches art classes for adults. Assiya continues to participate in art competitions and takes first place, as well as a medal of audience sympathy. She also works as a storyboarder for feature films and cartoons. Assia’s passion is illustrating children’s books and drawing realistic portraits for her clients. Today she is preparing for her summer art exhibition.

“I had the unique honour of working on a project by Jacques Ortet. This is an exciting story that touches on the history of Kazakhstan and the fascinating events of the main characters. Working on the design of the main characters and storyboarding was exciting and educational for me. The plot captured me and took me to another reality where Jak and Bil reveal new secrets of ancient times. This project was my first illustrated project for a young audience and will forever have a special place in my memory and heart. I am grateful to Jacques for the unique experience of working with his work.”