Наркес Оразбаева / Переводчик на русский язык, редактор


  1. Приключения Жака и Била в Казахстане: Сокровища Чингисхана
  2. Приключения Жака и Била в Габоне: Тайна слоновой кости
  3. Приключения Жака и Била в Шотландии: Тайна озера Лох-Несс

“I was born in Astana, Kazakhstan. I am a teacher of Russian for foreigners. I have been working for 10 years with expatriates living in Kazakhstan.Being fond of literature since childhood, I studied philological specialty, and I received a PhD in this field.In my thesis I studied fiction and documentary texts on the work of Russian authors, European writers and travellers in Kazakhstan of the 19th-20th centuries. This was in order to determine a holistic image of Kazakhstan in the view of the Eurasian community.The editorial work on the first comic book about the adventures of Jak and Bil in Kazakhstan was a wonderful gift for me. I could enjoy the unusual text, and help share this with the Russian-speaking audience. Also, after my experience with PhD thesis, I could trace the modern development of the image of Kazakhstan in the work of the French author. Further participation as a translator on a series of comics about Jak and Bil helps me to learn about different countries and use my philological knowledge in such an interesting project!”