Гийом Ортэ / Менеджер сайта и автор саундтреков


  1. Приключения Жака и Била в Казахстане: Сокровища Чингисхана
  2. Приключения Жака и Била в Габоне: Тайна слоновой кости
  3. Приключения Жака и Била в Шотландии: Тайна озера Лох-Несс
  4. Приключения Жака и Била на Ближнем Востоке: Загадка H2O-мобиля
  5. Приключения Жака и Била в Нидерландах: Интрига мельницы Де Нахтегал

“I am Guillaume, I studied in Nice and Amsterdam Conservatorium where I graduated with a double-bass jazz bachelor degree. I play but I also compose and my tunes have been selected at the Keep an eye competition in 2008 and that gave the chance to play my compositions in some festivals. I am currently a performing musician, a music producer and a music teacher. It has been a pleasure for me to create the music track for Jak and Bil in Kazakhstan. I really like the atmosphere of the comic strip where action, tradition, intrigue, humour and discovery come to blend very nicely. This inspired me to create a soundtrack where the Kazakhstan traditional musical has a central part. Additionally, I am the administrator of the Jak and Bil official website and very happy with this contribution to this project with my father of whom I am proud. Hartelijk groet, Kind regards, Cordialement,Guillaume Ortet”